Great email drip campaign examples for 2020

We all know we’re supposed to do them. You know, the automated email drip campaign that gets people “engaged with your brand” and “coming back to buy from you again and again.”

But the hard part is figuring out what to approach to take with your email marketing automation. Do you target existing customers? New prospects? Do you cross-sell or focus on a single product? What should the call to action be?

So, we’ve done some of the hard work for you – here are a few examples for your next email drip campaign that might get your creative juices flowing. (While we’re just showing a single example, remember that a campaign works best as a series of messages.) The best part is that all of these ideas can be easily implemented in VantagePoint 365.

Win-back email drip email series

When you’ve got a customer that quit spending, or cancelled a subscription, or has just gone dark, the best companies have a plan to get back in touch with them and get that customer re-engaged. Here’s a great example from coding software company Avocode – they acknowledge that perhaps you were dissatisfied with the speed of their app before (possibly because they knew from an exit survey – a great use of marketing automation), but they’ve fixed the problem and they want you back.

Subject line: Was Avocode too slow for you?

Cart abandonment drip email series

This email strategy is a classic: an existing customer drops a pile of great goodies in their shopping cart. But they never pull the “buy” trigger. How do you get them to complete the sale? Here’s a great example from London North Eastern Railway: they call the user by name with a clever subject line, point out what they didn’t purchase, and then list a few good reasons that booking with them is the right choice to make.

Subject: [Name], the journey to London Kings Cross won’t be the same without you

Here’s another good example, with a simpler approach, from Adidas. With a bit (ok, quite a lot) of humor, Adidas quickly makes the point – helped by a huge photo of the product – that they want you back.

Subject line: Sorry to hear about your wi-fi…

Current-event-related drip email series

This drip email campaign strategy can be very effective at getting higher open rates, if it’s used carefully. By taking advantage – and moving quickly – during a newsworthy current event, you can increase your conversion rates. You’ll have to be careful, of course, to be tasteful and circumspect – more lighthearted or positive events are usually safe bets.

This example from Patagonia took advantage of a big winter snowfall to get attention. The subject line is a little ordinary, although direct, but the headline is clever: “Keep ice-cream headaches in the kitchen.”

Subject: Cold-Weather hats and mitts

Cross-sell drip email series

Sometimes you’ve got an existing customer who has purchased something. But you’d like to get them to try something else you offer – that’s where a cross-selling email marketing strategy can be effective. Here’s an effective example from a coffee house in our area that has an active e-commerce store as well.

Subject line: ☕️ Methodical Best Sellers

Limited time offer drip email series

Sometimes the best way to get your customers to engage with your emails is to create some temporary urgency. Limited time offers are a great way to do that – whether it’s a discount, free shipping or limited product availability, offering something for a short time will get action. (Just don’t do it too often or your “offers” will become white noise.)

Subject line: For a Limited Time: Shipping Is on Us

Unsubscribe drip emails

Even the best email marketers will have some of their customers unsubscribe to their mailing lists and automated email. But it doesn’t have to be the end. In fact, if you’re careful with how you craft your unsubscribe emails, you might just be able to keep your subscribers.

Atlas Obscura takes a subtle approach, with brand-appropriate copy that includes a suggestion that perhaps you might like a less frequent email.

Subject line: Atlas Obscura Daily Newsletter: You are now unsubscribed

This unsubscribe email from Charity:Water takes a far different approach. By including a link to a hilarious video (which you can check out here), they’re hoping that a little self-deprecating humor might keep you on the email list:

Whether you’re just looking for new ideas for your automated emails, trying to keep your customers engaged, need to to increase sales from your existing customers, or want to increase your open rates and conversion rates, these single email examples from a drip campaign series should get the ideas flowing for your team.

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